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A small business, like yours, can choose to market products and services that engage potential customers on a global or local scale through a Facebook business page. You, too, can explore and take advantage of the benefits that come with social collaboration through Facebook marketing and advertising. The size of this social platform’s user base tell us why Facebook marketing and advertising can help you build bridges with customers in a world of “always on” and “connected” conversations. -Facebook-> 1.18 billion daily active users on average for September 2016 **

Facebook advertising is a cost effective way to connect with your customers. For small businesses, Facebook advertising can propel you to another level of driving business growth.  A small business has the ability to reach out to existing customers and communicate new products, events, and services.   As your small business matures through various stages of growth, you can use this social platform to cultivate the relationships that allow your business to grow. Whether you are communicating through one-on-one conversations or media conversations, social media is the tool to ignite your customer relationships.  

Social media can establish you as a professional in your local community as well as on a global level. By publishing “How To” guides and small business related articles through these platforms, social media can set the stage for your potential customers to connect you with their needs.  Your Facebook marketing will provide the influence necessary to establish the credibility and trust necessary to define your core values.

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