In today’s competitive world, customers want to understand how your products and services can meet their needs and expectations while maintaining an open line for questions and answers. The process of establishment rises through the creation of your brand. How? The brand of your business is what keeps you differentiated when compared to your other competitors. Branding often involves your company’s name, symbol or logo as well as design that attracts to your customers. Your brand is what people can expect from your company and essentially a promise to your customers. Your brand is what, where, when and to whom you can communicate to your clients. Your objective in branding is to increase your brand equity and brand awareness by creating a consistent message to all platforms. Especially in social media your brand is highly important and needs to be planned out before you put it in action. Your brand on social media includes all your social media channels and platforms and what your product and company is offering to potential clients.

Sketch out your branding strategy on paper before you implement any ideas online. Ask yourself 4 questions about your company, product or service.

1. What is your company’s mission statement?
2. What are the benefits of your company, product and services?
3. What is your current brand’s message to potential clients?
4. What do customers and potential clients already think of your company or product? Make sure you do research on what the advantages or disadvantages are to a similar product or service
5. What are the benefits of your company, product or service?

After answering all of these questions about your company, product or service than you can create a logo, symbol, tagline and design for your company. The questions above will help establish your advantages and disadvantages and will help keep a consistent message and brand following. Your brand will always continue to grow after it’s set in motion.

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