Choosing technology and marketing solutions can make us feel overwhelmed.

You may begin with venturing onto the internet and searching for the right way to muster up advertising. Perhaps you might conjure up a video. Or maybe your mind may wander and jump from thought to thought about choosing the right tools to create your website.

You become anxious and seek out solutions from friends but in the end you are like a dog who chases his tail, never really catching up to it. You end up with a hodge podge of tools that don't work and don't get customers in the door.

All of us have had the experience of coming up with a solution that we think will solve all of our problems only to find that the solution creates even more problems.



you're a lawn service individual, a jewelry shop owner, an antique shop collector, or a food distributor; all small business owners have the same problem. It's the need to comb through the vast array of small business marketing tools out there.

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